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Your Essential CV Writing Top 10 Tips

July 12, 2019

Below are some hints and tips to improve your CV and help make your application more successful. Hart Recruitment can help you with preparation, advice and support you throughout the whole job seeking process.

#1 Length of CV
Present your CV within a maximum of 2 pages.

#2 How far back to go
Detail work experience for the last 5 years, unless relevant skills or industry experience is further back.

#3 Bullet points
List your duties, skills and responsibilities in a bullet point format.

#4 Dates
Present your most recent/current job role first and ensure gaps of employment are explained.

#5 The top third is critical
Your CV may only get a quick scan.  Make sure your key skills are prominent and near the top. Highlight evidence that matches the job advert.

#6 Achievements
Describe your most proud achievements as well as awards, recognition and promotions.

#7 Savings
Give examples of where you have demonstrated cost saving activities including productivity and process improvements.

#8 Making a difference
Examples of suggesting or implementing new ideas to improve sales, operations or customer satisfaction within the business or your department.

#9 Stand out from the crowd
CV’s are two dimensional, make yourself real and telephone the recruiter.  Ensure they have received and read your CV – bring it to life.

#10 CV writer tool
For help putting together your CV see our interactive tool at: https://www.hartrecruitment.co.uk/create-your-cv/

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