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Virtual interviewing and on boarding new employees into your business?

June 27, 2021

Interviewing candidates online and virtual on boarding new employees is the new normal for a lot of businesses right now. 

Interviewing process

Preparing for an online interview takes a lot more time than you would think, here are some key points to help you prepare:

  • Ensure you have the correct technology and have tested this prior to conducting any interviews; there are many applications that are available including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp video and MyInterview to name a few
  • Make sure you have carefully read the candidates resumes in detail and ensure you schedule each interview with enough time between them 
  • Prepare a number of questions relating to their CV and your business 
  • Ensure you are in a quiet and well lit space with no interruptions 
  • Check out our online free CV Screening Tips to help you make your selection 

Conducting an online interview? Here are some top tips:

  • Be as professional as you would be in a face-to-face interview (they can still see you)
  • Introduce yourself and the business
  • Discuss the job opportunity in detail 
  • Ask questions relating to candidates CV’s 
  • Do not over promise on when you will provide the candidate with an update on their application process
  • Pre-recorded virtual tour of the office so they can see the working space
  • If you as a business would normally conduct assessment centres before a face-to-face 1:1, this is also possible on Zoom with breakout rooms

Take a look at our previous blog on our Essential Interviewer Tips for companies and also our blog on our Top Tips for Video Interviewing.

Check out Hart’s fun short video with our Managing Director Phillippa Hart and our Recruitment Consultant Rebecca Collin on how NOT to present yourself at an interview.

At Hart Recruitment we carry out key skills assessments (including Word, Excel, Literacy and Data Entry) with all of our candidates when they register with us, we can also tailor them to your requirements where required. This means that we are able to ensure their ability for what particular skills you require are met and these results can be sent across to you prior to interview.

On boarding new employees

Preparation is key

First of all, ensure new hires have the correct equipment and software available to them from their first day. It is important to ensure the right tools and systems have been set up for them, they will also need to be provided with log in details including email address and passwords. This may also be available to them by visiting the office personally if able to at a social distance on their first day before they work from home.

You could even send them a welcome care package which will make them feel excited about their first day in their new job – this could include a laptop and mobile if needed, notepad, pen and mug for their morning coffee (maybe even some sweet treats or biscuits!).  

This will highlight to your new employee that you have put time and effort to prepare for them to join your team.


Look over your normal induction process as to what it would be in the office and modify the content slightly to for this accessible online and also by conducting this via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. By having regular or daily video calls as a team or on a 1:1 basis, this will begin to build a rapport between you as a Line Manager but also as a team. 

Set out a daily on boarding schedule for new employees during their first week

Discuss what training and e-learning will available for their job role and when this will be taking place. Ensure their induction is as interactive as possible as starting a new job is quite a nerve wracking experience, especially if the new employee has been in their previous job for many years.

Planning the first few weeks 

You will need to have a clear work schedule in place for a new employee as you want to ensure they are not sat at home wondering what their first few weeks of work will consist of. 

  • Schedule a virtual team lunch
  • Team Zoom meeting to discuss the team culture and expectations in the department 
  • Assign your new hire 2-3 tasks to complete within their first week 
  • Define short-term and long terms business goals

Set clear expectations from day one and check in regularly with your new hire by having daily catch up or virtual video calls 

At Hart Training and Recruitment we are here to support you through this time of change.

We have a range of online solutions to help you and your people transition to leading your teams remotely and working productively from home.  Click the link to explore how Hart Recruitment can support you – https://www.hartrecruitment.co.uk/online-training/ 

Online training

To book a 30 minute 1:1 and discuss training or our tips on virtual interviewing and on boarding in more detail with our Managing Director Phillippa Hart, call us on 0121 360 6000.

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