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The Great Brain Train – Re-shaping your brain to ensure you get the most out of your day!

October 26, 2016

Hmmm, we’ve all been there before – The dreaded overwhelming feeling when you’re stuck at your desk, sinking in masses of work. The disconnected feeling when you are tracing 1 million thoughts through your head at 90 mph. The feelings of stress, when you realise the pressure you are under.
But how do we combat this and where do these feelings rise from I hear you ask…

Surprisingly, it’s the BRAIN!

But why is gearing the brain so important to ensure productivity?

Holly Rau, a researcher at the University of Utah, concluded that individuals who reported greater levels of ‘mindfulness’ had greater control over their emotions and behaviours during the day.

How can this help you?

· Being mindful helps us to reduce any areas of the brain which may trigger impulses such as fear. The ‘amygdala’ (nuclei within the temporal lobes of the brain in the complex vertebrates), controls the fear. If we were mindful and mediated, then the evil villain *amygdala* can be defeated!

In turn, this will result in overcoming feelings of unhappiness and challenge, which by the way, is a massive issue for 80% of UK citizens, as found by Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation.

  • Being mindful helps us to become more creative and problem solve more effectively.
  • Being mindful helps us to focus and provide self-control (not to mention performing better under pressure).
  • Being mindful reduces anxiety – Sedlmeier et al (2012) found that meditation has a positive impact on improving stress and anxiety levels.

As you can tell, the key message to reshaping your brain is being mindful. But HOW can we practice being mindful in the workplace to ensure productivity?

#1 ‘Breathe’ – No, literally! Take a 3 minute break from the working day (you can be sat at your desk, or in the office kitchen) and just exhale and inhale deeply, to channel your focus. We have heard it works!

#2 Don’t let distractions sway you from your working goal – You’ll be surprised to hear that giving in to your surroundings and distractions, will help you to focus more as you will be more aware of the information around you, rather than tensing up and avoiding the distraction.

#3 UNPLUG! Leave work at work – You need to maintain the healthy balance between work and life, remember to always keep the two separate no matter how difficult it can be. Always.

So guys, if you are sat at your working desk feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your workplace environment, then factor in being mindful and mediating.

If you can do, then you can turn around and tell your colleagues that YOU have effectively ‘trained’ your brain…

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