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The Aftermath – Cold, Wet, But Not Upset

June 17, 2019

£1,400. Studies surely must show that facts and figures are most likely to grab an individual’s attention. That as opposed to me drowning you in mud-run and period poverty related information in size 200, bright red, bold font. In case you are wondering why you are here and what this strange number is that I have bombarded you with, that’s the total value that Hart Recruitment has raised so far for The Red Box Project. This has been achieved from donations for attendance at our monthly Interviewer Techniques Workshop, as well as the team at Hart participating in the Tough Mudder mud-run (and slightly aggressively pushing our family members to donate behind the scenes).

Our manic day on the 18th May began at 10:00 am when we all met at our Managing Director, or shall I say our official Breakfast Buffet Queen, Phillippa’s humble abode. Surrounded by French plaits, DIY t-shirts and an endless supply of snacks, we hit the road at 10:30 am to cause a bit of carnage at Belvoir Castle in Grantham. This did perplex a hand full of Harties as the race was not set to begin until 4 hours later at 2:30 pm, however, it would be easier to wait than to question Vicki’s seamless organisation.

The journey was fairly uneventful, an hour and a half was spent testing the GoPro (which is yet to cooperate with me), managing hair difficulties and eating a range of goodies including Pattie’s famous sausage rolls. This was not helped by our driver parking in the wrong car park which felt 100 miles away from our target location. However, I can say that after that walk we should definitely have been exempt from the warm-up. Although we had blue lips and hands, we were not left feeling blue as we knew that what we had done is going to help hundreds, if not thousands of young, local women’s lives. Plus the bottle of prosecco waiting for us in the minibus helped.

As you may have noticed, we have been doing a large amount of social media promotion surrounding the whole Tough Mudder situation. We even had a lovely reply from the Red Box UK Instagram page congratulating us on all of our hard work which made it all the more worthwhile. They had this to say… “A huge well done and thank you to everyone who ran and donated! We hope your blisters aren’t too bad”. Although we appreciate the sentiment, nothing can be done now for blisters like these. Not to mention the bruises, sore throats caused by ingesting muddy water and the bloody, broken nails.

As I am at times the most dramatic member of the Hart Recruitment team I have taken it upon myself to gather the necessary evidence to back my claims. Recruitment Consultant Leanne said “It was very cold, wet and muddy for sure! Although I am not so sure whether I would do it again.” Our Business Support Manager, Vicki Hunt explained that she felt “Physically exhausted” following the series of events.

You will be seeing more updates over the next few weeks on where our sponsorship money is going and how we are using it to assist The Red Box Project and benefit young, local women. Thank you so much for all of your support over the last couple of months, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Abi Johnson – Digital Marketing and Recruitment Apprentice

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