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Candidate Testimonial

Being out of work since April 2016, had really got me down and my confidence had dropped. When I eventually had a response back from a possible employer i would be rejected for being too experienced or I wasn’t what they were looking for. Hart Recruitment contacted me during the month of July to see if they could help me. I instantly told them my situation and within a few days they had contacted me regarding a position of which I was placed in. Hart provided me with lots of information regarding: how to get to the destination, the different types of transport I could take, the working hours, what the job entailed etc. I had spoken to different colleagues within Hart Recruitment and each one of them were lovely. They were all polite, all helpful and all made me feel at ease. I was instantly made to feel at home in my new position. I was given my own desk and my own nickname! I knew right then I was at “home”. When my first shift was finished I rang Hart Recruitment and told them how much I already loved the job. I told Hart that I was so grateful that they could provide me with this fabulous opportunity!!! I now get up with a smile on my face as I travel to work instead of that dreaded feeling of having to spend 9 hours+ on applying for jobs. If it wasn’t for Hart Recruitment I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today. I now feel like I have my purpose in life back again. I don’t think I can ever repay them for helping me get this position but I’ll certainly work hard and make something of myself. Thanks Hart Recruitment for everything!

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