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AG – Business Support Candidate

Candidate Testimonial

I have used Hart Recruitment at three points over the last 7 years when searching for jobs and have always found the experience to be positive and seamless.

Leah, Vicki, Helen, Tia and all of the staff I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with have always come across as being professional, yet friendly, courteous, extremely helpful and very engaged.

What I really find refreshing and like about Hart Recruitment is that in this modern digital age, they have been able to embrace and move along with the times while supporting their candidates, myself included, and using that old school approach of really building a great rapport.

They always keep me informed of any suitable job roles that come up and where they have placed me in temporary roles, send their best wishes, call to check how things are going and let me know they are still there for support in the background. Many of the larger recruitment agencies could learn a thing or two!

I was recently contacted by Leah to see what my current situation was and I explained I was looking for a job. Leah discussed a role that she thought was well suited to me based on my CV history and she was right, as just over a week later, I attended an interview and the client went on to offer me the job, which I am looking forward to starting shortly.

I would definitely recommend using Hart Recruitment.

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