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Let’s get physical, physical… Get your body talking in an interview!

November 26, 2016

So you’re not drunk and you’ve made the effort to polish your shoes – Great! But did you know, your body language could be an important factor in determining whether you secure your next role…

Body language

Number one: Smile and smile some more…

Now there is a fine line between appearing ‘creepy’ and agreeing with your potential employer – I mean come on, if you overdo it you may look like this guy below:

The joker with a creepy smile.

However, a soft ‘smile and nod’ is a universal social signal for “I agree with you” and this is reassuring to the employer, as he/she will feel that you are on the same page as them. Ruben, Hall and Schmid (2015) found a correlation between smiling and hiring. Believe it or not, hiring was maximised when applicants smiled less in the middle of the interview, but rather at the start and the end.

(First and last impressions really do count, so let loose those pearly whites!)

Number two: Look into my eyes…

Once you have combatted the ‘smile and nod’ phase, the second most crucial body language stage is maintaining eye contact. Not only does this portray your enthusiasm, it also indicates to the employer that you are confident and attentive to what they are saying.

Now, the approach you take on this may be unique to you as an individual, as you may be a visual or audio learner and will respond to information differently. However, the universal approach is to maintain eye contact with the interviewer when answering a question, as this shows you are interested in the interviewer and the information they are presenting to you. Which is always a good sign!

But don’t overdo it – After all, you want to impress your potential employer, not scare them away!

Number three: You’ve gotta hand it to yourself…

Sometimes when the nerves get the better of you, you can feel your hands clamming up and suddenly you’re not sure what to do with them anymore.

Well here’s a few things you definitely shouldn’t do with them:

  • Don’t put them in your pockets (This is not a “cool” look at all)


  • Don’t put them in your nose (Yes you heard me, keep them away!)

Do, however, present your hands in a ‘steepling’ motion. Fleischmann (1991) conducted an interesting study on the messages of body language and the impact it has on job interviews. His findings suggested that presenting your hands in this way, indicated ‘confidence’, ‘power’ and ‘success’.

All of which are attributes potential employers look out for…

Number four: Sit up, look sharp…

Did you know, just by straightening your back and sitting up your speech changes – No really. This is because your windpipe opens up, which allows you to annotate your words more effectively.

You might not realise it, but you will sound so much better in an interview with the correct posture.

Who knows, you might even give Adele a run for her money…

By following the Hart guide to body language (all the do’s and don’ts), you will master your next interview no problem!

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