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It’s all about you! Let our workshop guide you to recruitment victory

August 9, 2019

Are you someone who has recently been handed the role of recruiting for your team and need some help on where to start? Or are you a long term Internal Recruiter struggling to adjust to new legislation? This is where Hart Recruitment’s Interviewer Techniques Workshop comes in. Phillippa Hart, our Managing Director carries years of experience in HR and recruitment. So consequently has set up the workshops for employers to ensure candidates are being interviewed legally, indiscriminately and most of all effectively. We have attendees from all kinds of business sectors, from housing all the way to manufacturing and distribution; the Interviewer Techniques Workshop applies to everyone.

It may sound a little daunting to walk into a group of 10-15 people but what’s most important to remember is that everyone is in the same boat! We like to keep the groups small to ensure the training session can be more intimate and personalised. This allows us to adapt the session for everyone in the room so that all attendees take something different away from the workshop.

The day begins with a rundown of the dos and don’ts for job descriptions. The remainder of the session flows through the entire recruitment process, all the way from calculating the value of your company benefits, to offering your ideal candidate the position. During the workshop, Phillippa talks you through your training workbook, transforming the pages into interactive group brainstorming sessions. The workbook is full of example CV’s, questions to ask in interviews and suggestions as to how you can identify a successful interview. Aside from all the group activities (which doesn’t involve role-play might I add) there is also plenty of legislation which recruitment personnel must understand in order to interview fairly and indiscriminately.

To make the workshop even better, all of the proceeds are going to our chosen charity The Red Box Project. In previous months we had asked for a fee of £75.00 per delegate, however, now all we ask for is a voluntary donation to our GoFundMe page. The feedback that we have had from the workshop lately has been outstanding. One of our clients, Rob who is a Customer Service Manager said: “I feel like I learnt more in the 4 hours with Phillippa than I have done in the 7 years of interviewing and recruiting staff.” I don’t think there is any better closing statement than that one.

To book a place onto our next workshop please called us today on 0121 360 6000 or book online:

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