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” I will defeat you” – How to beat those CV Writing woes..

March 26, 2018

Ahhh we all know that dreaded feeling

What to include, how to include and WHERE to include relevant information on our CV…
But what if we could help you overcome this?
The first 25 seconds of opening a CV are the most important – No really it is…

It really does not matter whether you have written your CV to an A* standard, if it is not well structured and organised, an employer will simply find it not worthy of a read. That’s your 25 seconds to shine out the window *sighs*.

BUT how can we change this?

Here are a few things to turn your C class CV into an all rounder A*!

1 Structure

  • Always use a ‘logical’ format, and by that we mean typing clear and concise headings which would highlight the key elements in your CV. The following should be considered: Name and Address, Personal Profile, Key Skills, Work Experience History, Qualifications and Education.
  • To highlight the more relevant sections, apply a bold typeface to your headings to catch the eye of the reader!
  • Use bullet points – This is the magic tool when listing all your relevant duties and experiences!

It’s not just about the ‘Job Descriptions’…

  • It’s all well and jolly talking about your role – but are you actually conveying what you DID in your job? For example: “My role at Orange and Blue was as the Administrator” < This would be vague as an Administrator could deal with various tasks.
  • Include a top line such as ‘Administrator’ and list points of your duties which would highlight the benefits

Tailor your CV

  • If you are applying for a role such as Customer Service and you have experience in Customer Service, Administration and Reception work – Always highlight the experience within the Customer Service background as this is what employers would look for!

These are just SOME of the amazing tips you can use to make sure you beat those CV writing blues well and truly!

But just in case it’s not enough inspiration and you’re struggling…

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One last note to say…


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