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June 28, 2022

In the current candidate led market, it is essential for organisations to stand out with their Employee Value Propositions – EVP. So there is a clear communication of benefits to attract top talent. Candidates are in the position where they are receiving multiple job offers and in our experience the value of the benefit packages added onto the basic salary, plays a significant part in the decision-making process. 

With unemployment reaching a new record low, we have put together a check list of what we believe makes your organisation stand out!  In order to win candidates over any additional offers including counter offers. 


Hybrid and remote working have become part of candidates check list of desirables when looking for their next role.  How flexible is your company? Is it all working from home or all ‘office’ based or can you offer a hybrid option? Do your working hours have to be fixed? Can the hours be more flexible, and can you offer earlier or later starts? How would a four day week work in your organisation – could you trial this? How much holiday do you offer – is it statutory or more? Could you accommodate a holiday purchase scheme or a day off on birthdays?   Whichever policy you have in place maximise its value to the candidate. 


Let’s face it, no matter how much we love our work we ultimately go to work to make money.  Your organisation will have a ceiling for salary bands you can offer, however, there are other ways to give your employees financial benefits.  Does your company offer bonus schemes or employee share options? Enhanced pension schemes or car allowances.  These are all valuable assets for candidates to be made aware of. Remember member it is unusual for an employee to leave purely as a result of finances – it may also be how they have been treated, their boss, too much pressure or a lack of flexibility or they are simply in the wrong role.  

In house benefits 

Depending on your industry or the nature of your business you may be able to offer in-house discounts on your products or services.  You may include lunch for all staff, weekly breakfast treats, healthy eating, yoga classes, vouchers, financial planning help, or gym memberships.  


If your company offers Christmas parties, theatre trips or summer family days, let the candidates know. This is a great benefit and may also attract a candidate who likes to invest their time in the company and colleagues outside of working hours. However, remember that not everyone wants to socialise at work – so you may need to cater for a cross section of individuals. 

PDP – Personal Development Programme

How do you invest in your employees and develop their careers? What courses do you offer them? Do they have a coach and mentor? Would they like to be a mentor or do you select ‘Experts’ who are responsible for training both existing and new staff in their expertise? Have you considered an annual Learning and Development budget that your colleagues have autonomy on spending? Do you have a budget for non-work-related learning such as learning a musical instrument or a language?  Is the career path transparent? 

Company Values and Corporate Social Responsibility

How easy is it for your colleagues and future talent to see if your values match with an individuals’ values. When researching a potential employer, Corporate Social Responsibility can be a key attraction for a number of candidates, the company’s proactive involvement in a charity or giving colleagues some time in their diary to support an individual charity. 

Which Perks Appeal to Whom

You may not be aware of the perks your current employees love the most – so ask them.  You might be surprised to find the Nespresso coffee machine makes them get to work 5 minutes early so they can make a cup or the annual conference which involves travel is something they always look forward to, through to walking meetings or lunch with the MD.  

Work out the value of your benefits package  

We have created a benefits package calculator which can help you work out the value of your benefits package. If you can quantify a £ figure to add on to a basic salary and display this in your advert or on your website i.e. £2,500 worth of benefits £20,000 worth of benefits – often training can add up to considerable figures, that will ultimately attract the top candidates for your business.   

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