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<h1><strong>Your Partner in </strong><strong>People and </strong><strong>Recruitment  Strategy</strong></h1>
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Your Partner in People and Recruitment  Strategy


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Your Partner in People and Recruitment Strategy

We understand that a thriving organisation starts with exceptional people. Our comprehensive consultancy service addresses four critical areas that shape your team’s success and reduce your recruitment costs: Return on Investment, People, Process and Marketing.

With our guidance, you’ll experience unparalleled ROI – from hiring the perfect talent to fostering a culture of growth and leadership development.

As a network of recruitment and leadership specialists, we assess your current recruitment and people processes, and as part of our proposal, assign suitable consultants who will develop and support you to implement your People Strategy.

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Discover the hidden costs of recruitment and how to save money

Are you tired of recruitment becoming a financial black hole?
• Cost of advertising
• Cost of Agencies
• Cost of getting it wrong

Are you tired of recruitment taking up too much time?
• Sifting CV’s
• Ineffective interviews – if they turn up!
• Managing rejection at offer stage

Join us for an exclusive online event that will transform your approach to hiring by putting the spotlight on cost and return on investment (ROI), where we will discuss:

• Tips on evaluating the real cost of recruitment and how to realign your budget
• Explore strategies to ensure your recruitment investments pay off
• How to save time and maximise efficiency in the recruitment process

Here is an insight in to our forthcoming LinkedIn Event:

Book your place for our LinkedIn Event here, discussing the hidden costs of recruitment and how to save money.  Hosted by our expert panel on Thursday 30th November at 12.30pm.  

People and Recruitment Strategy:

Return on Investment

The recruitment process is costly – both in time and financially. Our tailored service supports you not only to build productive teams for the long term but reduce the significant costs associated with the recruitment process. We will work with you to:


We assess and then craft a compelling EVP (Employee Value Proposition) that resonates with the candidates you are looking for. We work with you to identify critical leadership positions and leaders for the future and boost engagement with employee loyalty and personalised career plans, that cultivates a culture of improvement. Enhance your business further to embrace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. In summary our consultancy reviews and creates an actional proposal for the following:


Implementing a streamlined process that maximises ROI on time to hire, will create a seamless recruitment process across the organisation. As part of our assessment we will establish your attrition patterns and identify reasons for turnover. We will work with you to build a comprehensive talent roadmap that aligns with your organisation’s long-term business goals.  We will work with you to agree the recruitment and people process, and then deliver training in the following key areas:


To attract top-tier candidates, your organisation needs adverts that clearly convey your EVP, the job opportunity and company culture. We will also advise how you can reach a wider talent pool by leveraging various platforms and networks to ensure your job openings gain maximum exposure. We will assess your market presence, complete market analysis with the public and within the community, and advise how to engage with the talent of the future by forming partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, and training academies in your local area.

 Training will then be designed and delivered bespoke to the results, which may include

Our consultancy service will help create and enhance your people and recruitment strategy. We will present a proposal on how to build on your strengths, so you can make well informed decisions that benefit your business and people for the long term. Our tailored service enables you to build high performing teams, improve retention rates and build a pipeline of talent for the long term. We ensure you achieve exceptional return on investment in all areas of your recruitment process – people, process and marketing.

To discuss this further, contact Phillippa Hart, Managing Director at Hart Training & Recruitment on 07967 020056 or email: 


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