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This is a 4 module programme delivered live online to take your interview, communication and listening skills to a highly effective level. 

Each module will cover a different topic that builds your knowledge and understanding of key skills required for effective interviewing.   Aiming to ensure that you: the interviewer, will be clear on the skills, behaviours and values that are essential or desirable for the new role.  

You will be confident in explaining key terminology, behaviours and language that underpin the equality, diversity & inclusion legislation. To recognise how our daily behaviours, unconscious and conscious bias, as well as actions, can sometimes not uphold the best practice of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

During the course you will participate in a highly interactive module, designed to enhance your confidence and communicating skills needed to conduct highly effective interviews.

We will also explore the different formats of interviewing, produce job specific competency based questions and score objectively based on evidence.

We deliver this programme through four x 2 hour modules, delivered live online via Teams or Zoom. 
We offer flexible delivery time slots and onsite delivery is also available on request.   

Programme Content



Module One – Preparing for the Interview

  • Establishing the benchmark – update or produce a job description and specification
  • What competencies/behaviours are essential for your role?
  • How thoughts affect behaviour and confidence
  • The remuneration package – how much is it worth above the basic 


Module Two – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Business behaviours questionnaire
  • What is equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Best practice and results of non-compliance
  • What is active listening
  • Personality profiling exercise
  • Team commitment




Module Three – Enhancing Your Confidence and Communicating Skills

  • Controlling your internal dialogue
  • Understanding the communication process
  • Building your confidence 
  • The importance of Company Values and recruiting against them 


Module Four – Delivering the Interview

  • Develop specific questions for the interview
  • Summary of Employment Legislation
  • The Interview Format
  • The Interview Structure
  • How to score a candidates answer objectively 
  • Timescales
  • Action Points 

For more information on the Highly Effective Interview Skills course, to discuss both public and private company courses, tailor the course to meet your requirements, or to book a place, please contact Phillippa Hart on 0121 360 6000, 07967020056, or email

Meet your trainers





Fiona Campbell
NLP Corporate Trainer



Fiona Campbell is an international Corporate Facilitator, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer, Executive Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  She has been helping senior leaders develop the mind set of resilience and focus for building successful teams for over 30 years.  In her former career she was a Sales Manager with Xerox in the Middle East and a Sales Manager with Yellow Pages.





Phillippa Hart
Managing Director


Phillippa Hart is the Managing Director of Hart Recruitment and has built a strong reputation for quality service and staffing solutions within Birmingham and the surrounding areas. With many years of working within HR, Training and the Recruitment industry, Phillippa has developed a team whose expertise, professionalism, long service and values focus on building partnerships with you the client and you the candidate.




Charlotte Sykes


Charlotte Sykes
CWR Consultancy Director


Charlotte has extensive experience delivering dynamic training, coaching and recruitment to businesses, individuals and to the education sector. She has a wealth of industry knowledge, an extensive network and a reputation for the quality of her approach. She is a Registered Professional with the Career Development Institute, a Member of the CIPD, a Member of the Association for Coaching and an Enterprise Advisor for a Northamptonshire School for the Careers & Enterprise Company. She is a Level 6 Qualified Careers Coach and REC Qualified Recruiter. 


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