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<h1>Creating A Culture Of Flexibility</h1>
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<p><strong>Free Online Master Class</strong></p>
<p><strong>30th September and 14th October 2pm – 3pm</strong></p>

Creating A Culture Of Flexibility


Free Online Master Class

30th September and 14th October 2pm – 3pm

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We are in a crisis!

The impact of Covid 19 has created a state of disruption with companies struggling to deal with upheaval on many fronts, including:

If you are in HR, Management or own your own company, you now know that this situation is not going away, and there is no “going back to normal” for the foreseeable future. Some of the challenges you may be facing are:

To navigate these changes effectively, requires new ways of thinking and two of the major trends emerging are the rise of Empathetic Leadership and Asynchronous Communication.

The aim of these FREE Online Master Classes will be held on 30th September and 14th October 2pm – 3pm and they will cover these developing trends, and provide tips and tools that you can implement in your workplace to help you through this time.  The classes are delivered over Zoom for 1 hour of which 45 minutes delivery including 1 interactive sessions and 15 minutes Q&A. 

In these Master Classes, we discuss asynchronous communication, building trust and managing expectations as well as communicating SMART goals. We also look at the importance of seeing things from the perspective of others and will share some of the ways that we can create more flexible and effective ways of working.

Contact us on 0121 360 6000 or email info@hartrecruitment.co.uk to book your space today.

Meet your trainers

Fiona Campbell
NLP Corporate Facilitator

Fiona Campbell is an international Corporate Facilitator, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer, Executive Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  She has been helping senior leaders develop the mind set of resilience and focus for building successful teams for over 30 years.  In her former career she was a Sales Manager with Xerox in the Middle East and a Sales Manager with Yellow Pages.

Phillippa Hart
Managing Director

Phillippa Hart is the Managing Director of Hart Recruitment and has built a strong reputation for quality service and staffing solutions within Birmingham and the surrounding areas. With many years of working within HR, Training and the Recruitment industry, Phillippa has developed a team whose expertise, professionalism, long service and values focus on building partnerships with you the client and you the candidate.

Jo Jinks
Jo Jinks
HR Partner

Jo Jinks is a HR Partner at Schofield HR with over 24 years experience within HR working at board level and has worked with a number of different organisations supporting them with the people strategies.

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