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Hart Recruitment Are On The Radio?!

June 21, 2019

This week BBC WM’s very own breakfast DJ Daz, interviewed our Managing Director Phillippa Hart and our office dog Betty the Boss to discuss our walking meetings. As Hart is taking part in BBC WM’s Business Mile initiative, we were also filmed during our walk as a part of us promoting employees to #GetMoving. BBC WM wants businesses across the West Midlands to join them on the ‘Get Moving’ campaign …encouraging everyone to move a bit more and live happier and healthier lives!

As part of the campaign, BBC WM Breakfast Show presenters Sam and Daz are encouraging every shop, office and factory in the region to try out The Business Mile. This involves businesses encouraging staff to take fifteen minutes during their working day to run, jog or walk. The initiative is based on the model of the Daily Mile where teachers get their pupils out of the classroom to run for 15 minutes every day. Across the world, 8,200 schools and nurseries are now taking part. This is a fantastic campaign to be implementing into the lives of young children as it will then become second nature to them in the workplace and there will be no need for the adult version that we are taking part in.

Now, enough of the facts, I know you all want to know if BBC WM’s Daz is as energetic and lively as he is on the WM breakfast show. The answer is yes, multiplied by 10, doing a backflip. He definitely lit up our office, probably due to him and Betty feeding off of each other’s hyperactive energy.

So as soon as Daz and Betty had the joint understanding that ‘walkies’ was an activity on the horizon, we got into our dancing shoes and began our journey. We also had a guest appearance from our Business Support Manager, Vicki’s Step-Dad who was washing his car and cheering us on. Throughout the walk, we were all definitely very fortunate to not have any broken necks due to the ever mischievous Betty attempting to knit a scarf of us, with her lead.

In conclusion, we are all so excited to be a part of such an important initiative within the West Midlands; we hope that other businesses follow in the future to help make the West Midlands a happier and healthier place.

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