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Flexible working in now regarded as expected rather than a perk for candidates

May 16, 2023

Flexible working is now regarded as expected rather than a perk for candidates during the job search process.


Finding the work/life balance is a hot topic & something talented individuals, value highly when making key decisions about their career path. Do you brand your organisation effectively to represent your business culture accurately?  Does your EVP meet the expectations of today’s market in order to stand out against hiring competitors? Here is a breakdown of what candidates are prioritising during the recruitment process:


A flexible working arrangement gives a degree of flexibility on how long, where, when and at what times employees work. This includes offering part-time, term-time, job share, flexi time, condensed hours (4 day week) or career breaks.


Business agility applies the principles of agile development within an organisation. This allows companies to be more responsive to change which is in line with successfully growing and supporting a flexible workforce. A clear “agile” strategy for culture, development and structure will in turn streamline flexible and hybrid working processes.


Hybrid working is a combination of working both remotely and onsite. A survey conducted with Wakefield Research* shows that almost half of employees (47%) would likely look for another job if their employer doesn’t offer a hybrid working model.
Embracing employees to work where and when they are most productive, creates their work/life balance and improves their overall job satisfaction.


Employee Value Propositions is the clear communication of benefits, which assists in attracting top talent. Candidates are in the position where they are receiving multiple job offers and in our experience the value of the benefit packages added onto the basic salary, plays a significant part in the decision-making process. The EVP represents your  organisations financial offering, internal culture, approach to personal development and added value benefits. This is essential to successfully attract top talent in today’s candidate led market.

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