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Video CV & Recruitment Portal 


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How to shorten the recruitment process and make it more efficient … Here’s how – Video CV’s … Video first interviews … Your own recruitment portal …

Hart Training and Recruitment knows that human interaction is vital when it comes to recruitment. So rather than trying to automate this with uploading 2-dimenstional CV’s to a portal, or simply emailing them to you, we are focused on enhancing how we introduce you to the candidates we represent.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art video engagement technology that allows us to present candidates to our client companies, in a far more efficient and productive way.

How it works:

You can choose which solution suits you. From Video CV’s where we talk through the candidate’s career whilst you read the CV, through to the candidate answering questions either asked by us or specified by you.

The recordings can be accessed from a recruitment portal which is bespoke to your company and, that can be watched from any device, at any time, directly to the hiring manager for review. This allows the manager to make a more informed decision on exactly who to confirm for face-to-face interviews.

We understand one of the biggest frustrations as a hiring manager is time spent conducting interviews with candidates who are the completely wrong fit. By improving the selection process at the CV selection stage, and even removing first stage interview, you can cut the recruitment to hire journey, by almost half.

We have the solution.

We use cutting-edge video technology to cut out unnecessary, time-consuming selection processes. Our suite of tools allows us to offer better matches, in less time. No location barriers mean we can access a wider pool of talent, and ensure the best candidates are always the ones we present to you.

Hart Training and Recruitment has been a leading recruitment agency for over 20 years. To work in such a competitive industry means we must provide unrivalled service, and to do this, we need to be at the forefront of technology. That’s why we use the latest video-engagement software.

To find out more about the range of services that we offer, from your own recruitment portal, access to video interviewing that you can use, video CV’s as well as video interviews conducted by a Hart consultant, please contact us on 0121 360 6000, or email

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