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Create your CV

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Create your CV

CVs are important because no matter how good you are, somebody who has never met you has to believe it. It might seem unfair (and we think it is too), but getting it right could be the difference between your dream job and settling for something else.

So your CV needs to be more than a list of your previous experience and individual qualities. It should be persuasive. Both in the way that it’s written and the examples you give as evidence. That means your CV should be specific to each job you apply for. For each version, we recommend you emphasise the achievements, skills and experience that a particular employer is looking for.

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Don’t know where to begin? Starting a CV from scratch can be daunting. Use our CV tool below to compile your strengths, areas of expertise and career history. We’ll put together a draft CV and email it to you, so you have something to work from.

We’re in constant dialogue with employers, often forming long and positive relationships with them. We know what they’re looking for in their candidates, and with that expertise we can help put together the perfect CV.

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