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10 CV Screening Top Tips

August 1, 2019

Below are some hints and tips to improve your CV screening skills. Remember CV’s are two dimensional, and only by speaking to the candidate will they become three dimensional. Hart Recruitment can help you with preparation, advice and support you throughout the whole recruitment process.

#1 Length of CV
Do not be put off by short or lengthy CV’s. Be patient and read to the end as not everyone is an expert in CV writing.

#2 Dates
Look out for gaps in employment as not all candidates specify months. However, be open-minded when spotting gaps as there may be a reasonable explanation.

#3 Transferable skills
Match skills to your job description, consider what is essential & what can be trained. Look at your existing team, think about their previous experience, and what is transferable.

#4 Achievements
Is there evidence of cost-saving activities, process improvements, as well as awards, recognition and promotions.

#5 Attention to detail
Spelling, grammar and format will give you an insight into the candidate, however, consider if verbal communication skills are more essential.

#6 Industry
Look out for links to your industry, e.g. competitors, suppliers, customers or companies with a common interest.

#7 Qualifications
Are qualifications truly essential for your role or is experience more important? Do you offer training and accredited courses?

#8 Employment legislation
Remember the equality act 2010. Race, Age, Religion & Belief, Disability and Sex discrimination applies when a candidate sends in their CV.

#9 Are you psychic?
Making an assumption on a candidate’s work history without any proof can run you the risk of missing out on a star candidate.

#10 Protect your brand
This is the candidate’s first & may be their only impression of your company. Always respond to applications.

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